My initial thoughts after learning i might be allergic to food in general


I wish there were a better way to portray that via the written word. You can’t hear my scream followed by a slight sigh of satisfaction. Imagine the great gloom that overtook my soul when I received the long list of ‘eat-nots’ from my naturopath. We figure one or more of these foods have been causing migraines for the last thirteen years.

Dr. Amy nicely told me that almonds are out. Citrus & bananas should be avoided. Dairy is still off limits (but my intestines have known that forever). Peppers are a BIG no-no. I’m allergic to peppers, which is fine because I hate them to the core of my being. I hate them the way some (coughMateoahem) hate broccoli. However, I shouldn’t eat the rest of the nightshade family either—tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant.

But the culprit—the foe that has gone undetected for twenty-five years—the instigator of hideous migraines? Gluten. Bread, you have just become my arch-nemesis.

Sadly, gluten doesn’t stop at the loaf of bread. It desires to take over pasta, flaky croissants, my favorite pizza, soy sauce, beer, licorice, Dijon mustard and pretty much any edible thing produced in a factory. Awesome.

Did I mention that I eat for comfort? Sometimes I buy things, but mostly I buy food and then I eat it. Of course I want to run for a huge slice of my favorite cheese pizza but it’s made from bread, tomatoes and cheese. It might kill me just for loving it.

But I cannot give up food. I just can’t. I won’t. I’m an amateur chef. I kick risotto’s hind-end. Wait. Risotto? Arborio rice, white wine, vegetable broth, olive oil, shallots, garlic, fresh sage, chanterelle mushrooms, dino kale, salt, pepper… I can eat all of that. I CAN EAT ALL OF THAT! Risotto you are to me what Robin is to Batman (sigh).

So it’s true that food and I have a chance. We don’t need to break up. The taste of food does not need to be washed out of my memory. I can have my appointment to have the feeding tube put in cancelled.


For six weeks I will attempt to avoid the many things on my ‘eat-not’ list. Then, I will add each back into my diet, one a week, for however many weeks it takes. I’ll pay close attention to how my body responds to different foods and gauge what things my body just doesn’t want.

We can learn a lot from our bodies if we just listen to them. Got gas? Could be wheat. Throat itchy after drinking a latte? Could be the soy milk. Breaking out? Could be dairy. Do you know why we crave warm food in the winter? Not because it’s cold. Our digestive system takes longer to heat up and when we fill our stomachs with cold food it puts out our digestive fire. Eat warm food in the winter and I bet you’ll feel less lethargic after you eat.

I think the concept kind of applies to the rest of our lives too. We put things in our bodies and brains and hearts. Then we watch as we snap at someone or get depressed and we don’t know why we are in a bad mood. Maybe if we put in some yoga or a run and eat well, we’ll feel mentally better because we feel physically better. Obvious, I know. Who knew something so simple could so greatly alter our lives?

My initial thoughts after learning i might be allergic to food in general

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