To Dazzle You, Don

In the early weeks of February, when I first heard that the topic for Ocsplora this month would be Sex and Romance, I quickly lost interest in contributing. I thought to myself, ‘How on Earth can one be creative in sex and romance and how does that tie into what we do at Ocsplora?’ I also thought that it was a bit tacky that we chose that topic only because Valentine’s Day falls within the month.

A couple days after that I was listening to a talk Donald Miller gave to a bunch of students at Harvard about relationships. He told a story about his friend who asked him one day if he wanted to go photograph Mt. Bachelor in Oregon one early morning. Donald reluctantly agreed and the two of them set out the next day around two in the morning to catch the sunrise. When the two of them were about sixty miles from anywhere, his friend pulled the car over, shut it off, got out of the vehicle, started walking down the road and finally stopped about twenty-five feet up the road and laid down.

‘Donald. Get your butt out here,’ his friend yelled.

Donald did as he was told and got out of the car. Once he laid down he realized what his friend was doing. They were looking at the stars. He said that he had never seen so many stars in the sky before.

And in the quiet Donald asked, ‘John. What’s all this for? Why did God create all this stuff around us? Why did he create all these stars?’

‘To dazzle you, Don,’ he replied.

Then it hit me. Romance. God created a lot of what’s around us to dazzle us. To romance us. His infatuation with us knows no bounds.

I live in Anchorage, Alaska. I’m not a huge fan of the isolation one can feel up here, or the intense cold. But I will honestly say that I do live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. After I heard that simple statement, ‘To dazzle you, Don,’ I saw something different every time I stepped out my front door. It’s all around us. God’s attempt to romance his people. To show them the love He has. It’s in the sky, the mountains, the trees, the oceans and in the people around us.

So this was it. This gave me an understanding that in creativity there is romance. I hope you see the beauty that God has placed around us in the places you live and the people you see and meet.

To Dazzle You, Don

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