I’ve traveled; and many of my friends, including the closest of friends, know a little about traveling out of experience, or dream. But what is traveling?

Travel is the change in location of people on a trip through the means of transport from one location to another. The word originates from the Middle English word ‘travailen’ (“to toil”).

Travel can be roughly stated as one simple mathematical explanation, or rule: Travel is the means of a being who changes from one state of being to another via means of transportation.


Upon my “studies” I have learned that there are many factors, many ways and many distances to travel. But the main factors are under the following categories: purpose, distance, budget, method, duration and function.

Purpose. Basically, you can summarize the purposes of travel to a simple explanation: the purpose of travel is to leave one location either to move to a new location, or to find a new location. The purpose is to leave one state of life to go to a new state of life, or from one state of being to another state of being.

Travel is not just an action, but something that exists within you. But like many, people require the next few factors I will mention to “feel” travel, and achieve the purpose above.

Concerning distances, one can travel from your house down the street, to the other side of the city, to another city, to another state, to another country, to another continent, to another planet, even another system or galaxy; point A. to point B. Many do not realize it, but we do it every day.

Concerning budget, Cash, like any system in the world, is a factor within travel. Cash in abundance or the lack of cash affects the method of travel. There are many who travel under the idea that travel is a lifestyle void of cash. Some do it because of abundance. Without argument, budget, with or without cash, is a central factor of how one travels.

Concerning method, one can take intercontinental planes, ships, boats, cars, motorbikes, bikes, animals of various types, among other wheeled, organic or winged devices. Many choose to travel without owning or purchasing any device, and opt to hitch rides on any of the above. It is very easy. We have developed technology for centuries to help our need to travel, and it sometimes can be community activity.

Method may also concern the factors of “how” one travels, what one eats, where one sleeps, or how one contributes. How else does one participate, live, breathe?

Concerning duration, it can happen from mere seconds to years. There are seasons, periods, moments and eons of travel. Travel can last any amount of time, deliberately or not.

I have found that travel lasts for a “complete time”, because travel occupies ALL your time.

Function. Most do not even consider this aspect of travel although some evolve to this state of travel regardless. The function of travel is what you do while you travel. It is the lifestyle. It coincides with the purpose, but all in all, it mostly is the product of travel.

What does travel produce? Some travel for the function of a cause, or a job, of a state of survival or growth or to produce change in one’s life or in others. Some travel to explore, search,  for fun, for themselves, escape; or just to gain experience, knowledge, to challenge oneself, to lose oneself.

So with that said, why do people travel?

More often than not, we are born empty. Most of us grow up with neither external nor internal provision. Some have everything externally provided for them, and theoretically internally. But we still need to fill our empty hearts. We need to find this thing that will fill it.

Many have turned to the material and the actions we can do with ourselves or to ourselves in this physical world. Sometimes this stuff is enough to simulate a “fill” for our heart. Yet those who are awakened and aware, learn that one must leave such things as these “simulated fills” to truly learn what can fill a heart up.

If you have traveled, I am sure you have said, “There must be more,” and tried to turn to a new life by leaving your old life behind. This is the beginning.

Travel is the beginning of a journey, a pilgrimage, a search for that which fills us. Travel is a method of repentance, of a new life. It is a step of being born again into a new world. It is a liberating, exhilarating, empowering experience, and a free road.

We must become like children with nothing, and leave it all behind to step into a new life, but it too is a step of death. Travel kills and destroys your former life. Travel is toil.

But travel is not the answer.

It is just a method. Its purpose is to help you leave one state of being to become another state of being. It shows you that the world is bigger than the stuff which you tried to fill your heart with. It shows you there is more.

It is easy.

Check out the websites I have added as references at the end of this article. They provide short-term and long-term accommodation for free, social networks for travelers, ideas on cheap transport and how to travel the world. The biggest obstacle is yourself. Will you dare to venture out and die to your old self?

Take a risk, fill in the gaps of the factors provided above. Let the first factor be what it is, and let the last factor evolve with who you are and who you are called to be.  Begin to see that there is more in the world that could fill your heart other than what is around you. Learn that you can be filled internally, enough to be free of the world, free to move in it anywhere you choose. Learn that you aren’t of this world, and travel through it. Learn that your heart is filled by someone else.

But I know it is not the answer. If you are looking to travel as the thing that fills your heart’s hole: stop. The change from the old to something new must happen. But as the seasons always change, stop and travel away from travel. Use it to begin to be part of a bigger picture, the picture that travel is only a part of your over-all purpose of why you are a vessel in this world. Learn to travel not just the world, but life.