Of dogs and men

The only interest men really have in feminism is how it affects them. I know that’s a blanket statement, but that’s okay because it’s true.

My friend Kim emailed me a link to an article on Jezebel (because I’ve been interested in feminism lately) and it contained this quote:

Why do so many women blame not their husband for cheating on them, but the woman he cheated with for “luring” him into that situation? One might answer that men are expected to be unable to control their sexual desires, but the other woman should “know better” or have some kind of sisterhood with the wife.

‘…Men are expected to be unable to control their sexual desires….’ Fantastic. This is what a lot of guys want, right? Total absolvement from responsibility. ‘I can’t help it. If a woman seduces me, I am no longer accountable for my actions as a human being.’

Do you see how weak that is? If you can’t say no to sex, you deserve whatever miserable fate befalls you, and you ensure that our gender will continue to lose respect and eventually become nothing more than a sperm-donoring labor pool at the crack-bottom of society.

Of dogs and men

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