Just cut it off

We don’t have any yard at our apartment, but when my mom was here this spring she made us a little planter garden for our fire escape. Last week, for the first time, I decided to prune some of the dead parts of the flowers and herbs that are still growing. And that reminded me of the parts in the bible where Jesus talks about pruning worthless stuff, like John 15.

So I’m cutting off dead leaves and stems, thinking about how cutting off those parts frees up more nutrients for the parts of the plant that are actually looking good. It’s actually really incredible. Anyways, that got me thinking about OCSPLORA and which parts of it are showing more life and which parts are dying. And the honest truth is I just don’t know. (Except I did decide the ‘trips & places’ section should go, at least for a while.)

It got me thinking about all my little projects, and my new freelance career and how important it is to look at all those things and pare them down to the bare-bones essentials. What is actually important? And what do I need to get rid of because it’s just clutter to my soul? This is really important and I think if I keep on it I’ll be much, much better off.