Geoff & Nate: making stuff happen

NG:Sweet. I’m sending you ten copies. I can send more later if you want
GM:Awesome. So stoked. I seriously can’t wait.
NG:Pretty cool about blue like jazz too
GM:What about it.
NG:It broke the record for biggest amount raised on ks
GM:Nice. And it was my flipping idea.
NG:You got screwed. At least we have proof with your blog comment
GM:So true. I did get hosed. I should sue for 200,000. Then I can become the guy who stopped blue like jazz. Hahahaha. Tonight on E true Hollywood story. Hahahha
NG:Haha. Relevant magazine’s most hated man of the year
GM:I would love that. I dislike that mag anyway. Fleshing out all the religious types from there holes. Just me separating the wheats from the tares. Hahahahaha
GM:Can’t wait for my copies. Hey could you explain globalization.
NG:Yes just let me look it up on wikipedia first
GM:Hahahahaha. What about an interview with don miller on what his thoughts are in what’s happened with kickstarter. Going from local film funders to a global market of funders
NG:I’m going to interview a guy i know who travels everywhere and takes amazing photos and makes them available on flickr. But maybe it could be how to take your project global?
GM:The don miller one??? Or your guy???
NG:Don miller
GM:So just a piece on him??? No interview??
NG:I mean of course if you get an interview with don we’ll totally make it fit. That would be huge
GM:Kk I’ll see if we can do that. Maybe I can get matt to meet him face to face.
NG:It would actually be perfect for december
GM:What’s December again??? Oh forward motion. Yeah yeah yeah. That would rock.
GM:Maybe a two parter.
NG:Ooh yeah
GM:I’ll see what can be done. Weeeeeeeeee.
GM:So boss do I have the go ahead for such a venture. Reaching d miller??
NG:Totally. In the name of God and ocsplora, go!
NG:Haha. We really need to keep these conversations for future reference
GM:So true. We should post them in a section called behind the scenes part of ocsplora.
GM:Just sent the same message like four times on four different sites to try and reach don or steve. Hahahaha.
NG:You da man buddy
GM:No. U da man