A Kickstarter’s-Eye View of 2011

If you love the possibilities of the internet, and you love creativity, and you love seeing people follow their dreams, then you love Kickstarter.com. Simple as that.
When you first see or hear about Kickstarter, your immediate reaction is, ‘That’s so cool!’ Your second reaction, once you find out how they make their money – by taking 5% off the top of every donation – is, ‘How did I not think of that?’ And who knows, maybe you did. But it’s not just the idea – a website to help people raise funds for their creative projects – that makes Kickstarter great. The whole thing has been amazingly well executed.

And that includes their ‘2011: The Year in Kickstarter,’ which is a beautifully designed web page linking to several blog posts which celebrate and document Kickstarter’s achievements in 2011. I especially like the Replacing the “N-word” with “Robot” in Huck Finn video, the first one on the 2011: The Videos blog post.

2011: The Year in Kickstarter