Gun barrels into ploughshares

The guys over at Terra Furna Public Art posted on their site back in May of last year about a very cool sculpture project they were working on.

The concept comes from the ancient text “They shall forge their swords into ploughshares”. Our thought is that Canada has been a nation of peacekeepers for decades, and our influence has had a significant part in many nations’ histories. From Korea to Bosnia to the more recent Afghanistan, our soldiers can be found doing their best to encourage the world to put down their arms.

Our idea was to get our hands on a Howitzer gun barrel, or tank barrel, and forge that into a plough as a modern interpretation of the text. Our idea has developed into a larger, more ambitious idea with the inclusion of other elements that reinforce the message of peacekeeping.

The Harvest Nation Sculpture Project on Lots more photos.

Gun barrels into ploughshares

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