Start something.


My name is Nate Green and I am passionate about being a creative sidekick for people starting new endeavors.


Other Publications

Photo Credit: ms.akr
Photo Credit: ms.akr

I love taking different pieces and putting them together into a beautiful and cohesive whole. And I love writing, designing, editing, and publishing. Here are some of the things MKM has put out there and continues to put out there.

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Design Projects

I work with small businesses and startups in both the brick and mortar world and the code and pixel world. I have also helped friends with their blogs and personal branding. Check out some of MKM’s past projects.

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The Story So Far…

I don’t have a degree in graphic design—or any college degree for that matter. My life has gone the direction of traveling, trying new ideas, and figuring out how to tell better stories. Learn more about why I do what I do.

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