My friend Jon recently shared his ‘30 before 30’ list on Facebook and I was inspired.

Not enough to make my own, but you know, I had a warm, inspired feeling inside. Also, my list would be 40 before 40, which is a little scary to think about.

Jon’s list:

  1. Get an app published
  2. Start pilots license
  3. Enter a photo contest
  4. Watch “O”
  5. Go to a new continent
  6. Air boat ride
  7. Live in another state
  8. Motorcycle license
  9. Finish first draft of “My Daddy and Me” (working title)
  10. Write three good songs
  11. Institute the “Make Life Better” fund
  12. Be proactive in making my back healthier
  13. Thirty books in a year
  14. Join a Connect Group
  15. Scuba Certified
  16. Try a Yoga class
  17. Visit the Everglades
  18. 30 mile bike race
  19. Learn how to make pickles
  20. Spend one hour per week with Lyndsey talking, no distractions
  21. Sunset and sunrise in same day
  22. Helicopter ride
  23. Follow through on a movie night
  24. Make a Prato level meatball
  25. Try Luma
  26. Visit Colorado without snow
  27. Visit Jamie Kinsley
  28. Get in better shape (185—190)
  29. Take a butcher class
  30. Four hours a week on learning a new language