In the year 1860, a man known as L. P. Machaon set about forming an organization who's purpose was to seek out certain types of people and tell their stories. These people were to exemplify three qualities in the way they lived their lives: creativity, generosity, and adventure. Machaon referred to the people who's stories he told as 'creative revolutionaries.'

L. P. Machaon called his organization the O.E.C., or Octopus Exploration Company. The O.E.C. published its mini- biographies in volumes a few times a year. In addition to the stories, the volumes contained all manner of articles, essays and artwork about the world and life and craft, always with an eye toward the ideals of creativity, generosity and adventure.

Over 150 years after its humble origins, the Octopus Exploration Company has resurfaced in the world with the same ambitions and dreams it has had from the beginning: challenge the status quo, conspire to bring about a more creative, adventurous and generous humanity, and in all things, celebrate the ways and mysteries of the universe and its Creator. Today's creative revolutionaries know it as OCSPLORA.

* Purely legend

01/Photo courtesy of the National Maritime Museum;
02/Photo courtesy of the National Library of New Zealand;
03/Photo courtesy of the State Library of New South Wales.