Here is a bunch of crap I discovered this year, in no particular order of importance.

  1. New Wahl Detailer trimmers
  2. Square app
  3. How to Un-friend someone on FaceBook from my phone
  4. Honey Dew’s frozen coffee
  5. The online barber culture (here’s a sample)
  6. Evernote app
  7. The simple fact that if you win an argument with your wife and you are finally ‘right,’ you still lose. Because in a relationship, if one of you is hurting, you both lose.
  8. Comic Book Men TV series

Stacey K

  1. NUMBER ONE, by far, no bones about it – Macklemore – life-changing hip hop that feeds my soul. High praise, I know
  2. Thoughtcatalog.com
  3. Gratitude – writing three things I’m thankful for every day
  4. Boston. No, really! One of my new favourite places 🙂
  5. NaNoWriMo – even though I only wrote 7,000 words, it was an amazing experience, with really supportive, inspiring people
  6. The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan – old timey language and beautiful allegory, bursting into poetry every few paragraphs… basically a recipe for enchanting Stacey’s heart
  7. MyFitnessPal (website and app) – really helped me be realistic about what I’m putting in my pizza door (read:mouth)
  8. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – sometimes I read bestsellers and I’m like… how the f*** does this sell a million copies? And then I read The Night Circus, and I’m all like…. now THAT is a bestseller, people


  1. Shot Designer App
  2. Backstory – newsstand digital magazine for iPad
  3. Embedded by Dan Abnett
  4. Edward Burns – Q&A With Jeff Goldsmith Podcast – ‘Newlyweds’
  5. Steamdot Coffee
  6. Wounded Healer by The Followers
  7. The Lumineers – Self-Titled
  8. Movies – to many to mention


  1. Life without vulnerability is not life (TED Talk by Brené Brown)
  2. Introversion is okay (TED Talk by Susan Cain)
  3. Josh Garrels’ music breathes into my soul
  4. Being unperfect is life giving (book by Brené Brown)
  5. Shame means death to the soul (TED Talk by Brené Brown)
  6. Read good sci fi (Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card)
  7. Don’t overthink – make the decision that is directly in front of you, not the eight different decisions that may, or may not, result as the choice in front of you unfolds
  8. I feel better when I don’t eat wheat and dairy


  1. Of Monsters And Men – my wife discovered OMAM before they got big and I didn’t like them, but they grew on me and now they are, by far, my favorite Icelandic indie folk/pop band
  2. Pluto by Naoki Urasawa – an eight volume manga series based on ‘The Greatest Robot on Earth’ story arc from Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy. Blew my mind in both art and story
  3. Google Picasa’s cross process filter for photos
  4. The Pacific Northwest – from Astoria, Oregon to Vancouver Island, it is a beautiful part of the world
  5. A renewed interest in minimalism as a lifestyle
  6. Adobe Creative Cloud – access to all of Adobe’s tools without the steep upfront cost
  7. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – not like I had never seen it before, but I really got into The Daily Show during the U.S. presidential campaign
  8. The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin’s new show on HBO