Kottage RV shipping container - before & after

My friend Ann has been looking for a place to live and isn’t having much success, so the other night at Friday Night Dinner, she said she is thinking about getting a shipping container and setting it up out back of our church, where she currently works part-time.
Ann has seen a lot of really cool shipping container homes on Pinterest, so that is probably her best option, to buy a shipping container, have it delivered to the church when no one is around, and then Pinterest the crap out of it and hope no one notices.

I wanted to help her because I’m a big fan of alternative and eco-friendly housing, so I took it upon myself to scour the internet for this handy visual reference that should help her quite a bit when the time comes.

Image: KottageRV.com

Image: KottageRV.com

If you do a Google image search for ‘shipping container homes’, it’s pretty amazing the stuff that comes up. Here are some of the more modest examples I thought were pretty interesting.

And finally, a not-so-modest example.