Volume one cover, students looking at part of sea lion swimming by in aquarium tank, photo by Valerie Thomas.
01 | The Beginning

OCSPLORA Volume 01 was published in September, 2010, and included thirteen stories in four different themes: 'Work,' 'The Art Of...,' 'Sex & Romance,' and 'Beginnings.' Cover photo was by Valerie Thomas.


Nate Piekos: The Science Of BLAM by Nate Green
Perfect Job, Please by Stacey Knopp
Working Hard At Looking Busy: An Office Worker's Memorandum by Geoff Matero

Finally Start Writing Your Screenplay by Eric Corpus
Your Trek To Becoming A Videographer by Autumn Brenton
The Art Of Hip Hop by Jake Ostreicher

A Girl Can Dream Can't She? by Jenn Renee Pekol
A Shade Of Red by Matt Wood
Limerence: The Intense Feelings We Have For Other People Before They Even Know Us Or Reciprocate by Patrick Dodson

Going Monk by Toby Stevens
How To Find Home by Nate Green
If They Hadn't Been Pushed, They Never Would Have Made The Leap by Chris Guillebeau

We Will Know It When We See It by Jenn Renee Pekol